Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein at a glance

The Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein involves 150’000 francs in prize money. A main prize, three category prizes, and a special prize for start-ups are awarded. Projects are sought that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by cutting resource consumption, increasing energy efficiency or bringing about changes in behavior.

The Zurich Climate Prize focuses on three categories Buildings & Housing, Production & Consumption and Transport & Mobility.


Distribution of the prize money:

Alongside the financial recognition, the winning projects will benefit from the publicity associated with the award and are supported in the communication of their achievements.


Special prize for start-ups

Many innovative ideas for climate protection are developed and implemented in young enterprises, so-called start-ups. To encourage this type of forward-looking innovation, the Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein will award a start-up company a special prize.

Climate change – it’s up to all of us