Ideas that can lead to great things

It arrives from one second to the next: the idea that can change the world. Such ideas affect great things. To do so, they need to be addressed, implemented and realized. Precisely that is shown by the 97 project entries at this year’s Zurich Climate Prize Switzerland & Liechtenstein. Every implemented idea makes our future that bit better. It optimizes here, simplifies there, uses existing things in an unusual manner, combines what has been tried and tested with what is innovative and thereby contributes to a sustainable world. Every single step counts, every approach that brings about changes in behavior. The creativity behind each idea is as tangible as the passion of those providing the ideas. Entrepreneurs, pioneers, company founders or institutions. I congratulate all of them on their commitment to making our world that bit better. You can read in the middle part of this magazine which projects ultimately won. 

It is fascinating how different the projects submitted were this year. This confirms to us at Zurich Switzerland that we are heading in the right direction with our Climate Prize. Because the effects of climate change are more evident than ever before. Flooding has caused huge damage in recent years. As an insurer, it is our duty to support our customers in understanding hazards and to protect them as best possible against them and possible consequences. For precisely that reason, we launched the Zurich Natural Hazards Radar last year. A free online analysis tool that checks what natural hazards occur at the location of your home. “What for?”, you may ask. So that you can protect your home with corresponding measures. But why not use the tool for yourself and analyze your house at naturalhazards. We are also proud of making our world that little bit safer with our idea. 

In this sense, I hope you enjoy discovering the award-winning projects. Be inspired by the ideas – your contribution also counts!

Joachim Masur
Chief Executive Officer
Zurich Switzerland