Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our age. It affects each and every one of us and has diverse impacts on the environment, the economy and society. At the same time, it intensifies existing challenges, such as the future of power supply.

In order to effectively face this challenge, first and foremost there must be a massive reduction in greenhouse gases. The goal is to prevent world temperatures from rising by more than two degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. Otherwise, the consequences for the economy and society could be devastating: more conflicts over natural resources such as water, agricultural crop failures due to droughts and flooding, increased migration due to environmental factors, and health impairment.


The effects of the changed climate

The year 2011 will go down in history around the world as a year of natural catastrophes. The damage that resulted was three times as large as the average over the past 10 years. This trend applies to Switzerland as well.

Temperatures are rising, precipitation is on the decline. With the heat come more intensive thunderstorms and driving rain. We are experiencing extreme weather events such as drought and water shortages on the one hand and flooding and landslides on the other. Combined with our high settlement density, this leads to increased human suffering and high material losses.