On a number of levels, Zurich addresses how exactly climate change impacts our lives, and what each individual can do to counteract it. Current information about events and success stories from Zurich Climate Prize projects participants can be found here in chronological order.



New exhibition "Colored solar facades" in the Umwelt Arena

Photovoltaic modules often appeared alien on buildings. These days, they can be produced in the needs-based colors that can be optically integrated in the façade of a building.

Discover the possibilities, and the photovoltaic modules of Solaxess, Zurich Climate Prize Winner 2016, in the exhibition "Colored Solar Facades" in the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach.

15. 01. 2018

Zurich Climate Dialogue is evolving

The Zurich Climate Prize has honoured pioneering projects and implementations which contribute to protecting our climate. It helped provide an incentive for companies, institutions and startups to come up with new ideas to reduce CO2 emissions. The prize money helped the winners to pursue, test and implement innovations. Today, Switzerland has a sound awareness for climate protection and is well set up to face the challenges. As the saying goes, it is best to quit while you’re ahead. In this spirit, we have reached a crossroads: Zurich Switzerland will not call for climate projects in 2018 and will enhance its focus on the unique Zurich Natural Hazard Radar which promotes public awareness on climate-induced risks and encourages the public to adapt and protect themselves. Read more on the topic in our Climate Magazine Nr. 6.

November 15, 2017

2nd Business Lunch of the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich – hosted by Zurich Switzerland

135 participants from 106 different companies were mightily impressed by the talk given by Prof. David N. Bresch, Weather and Climate Risks, ETH Zurich, on “Climate Resilience – a Competitive Advantage”, in the Zurich Development Center (ZDC).

Barbara Jordan and Roland Betschart of Corporate Responsibility, Zurich Switzerland presented the commitment of Zurich Switzerland to climate protection, including the “Zurich Climate Dialog”. There were also presentations by two climate prizewinners, Battere AG and catering-company Zum Guten Heinrich.

After the presentations the participants had an opportunity to exchange ideas and to network over a buffet lunch. The whole occasion was of course conducted “climate-neutrally”.

All the information and presentations can be found at: Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft, Zürich

Photos of the 2nd Business Lunch can be found here.

2017 Swiss Insurance Innovation Award

Congratulations! In the context of the 2017 Swiss Insurance Innovation Award, Roland Betschart, Corporate Responsibility Zurich Switzerland, received the extraordinary “Lifetime Award” for consistent innovation. Zurich is as delighted as Roland about this well-earned award.

Zurich Switzerland media release

WHAT'S UP article

August 18, 2017

Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich

The Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich is a new network founded in Zurich in August 2017. Following on from the already successful networks in Bern and Basel, the aim of the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich is to demonstrate the commitment of companies to sustainability. It promotes the discussion of actual entrepreneurial projects. Zurich Switzerland supports the network as a founding member and actively contributes to the dialog about climate protection.

Innovative and highly committed companies, business associations and the public sector all work together in the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich. The focus is on the companies and their work to ensure sustainable business activity. Only projects which have already been implemented are presented by companies at the regular business lunches. Networking and the exchange of ideas between decision-makers form the focus of these lunches. The network is politically neutral, sees itself as an interdisciplinary forum and is accessible to all companies.

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