With crooked vegetables against food waste

Lukas Bühler, Verena Bongartz, Thomas Lehmann

The start-up Zum guten Heinrich processes misshapen fruit and vegetables into attractive meals. The company thereby pursues a comprehensive no waste philosophy.

According to estimates, some two million tons of food goes to waste every year in Switzerland. A large part of this is made up by optically non-conform fruit and vegetables; for instance potatoes that are too big or carrots that are crooked. This food, which does not make it to the shelves of supermarkets due to its shape, is bought by the Zum guten Heinrich catering start-up from local farmers and processed to high-quality vegetarian and vegan dishes. Using a delivery bike, they are delivered to corporate and private events in and around Zurich without generating any emissions.

The decision of the jury
The start-up focuses on agriculture to avoid food waste and applies a comprehensive approach for the reduction of resource waste.