Promoting e-mobility with a electric charging station network

Ivan Buck, Thomas Baumgartner

An electric car drives with nearly zero CO2 emissions compared to traditional cars if it is run on power from renewable sources. Obwalden is taking on the challenge of consistently promoting electric mobility.

In partnership with Zentralbahn AG, Stansstad, the Obwalden Power Plant (Elektrizitätswerke Obwalden – EWO) has implemented a comprehensive network of charging stations in the canton of Obwalden. Electric cars can be recharged with EWO NaturStrom at all stations free of charge; this electricity comes 100% from renewable energy, i.e. Obwalden hydropower. To date, charging stations have been installed in all seven municipalities of the canton.

The decision of the jury
The jury praises the development of a dense network to promote electric mobility and the joint work of the two partners to reduce obstacles both in terms of infrastructure and through the broad communication including car dealerships.