Shrimps from Swiss seawater Freshly

Urs Hofmeier, Rafael Waber

Freshly caught shrimps from Switzerland – and green to boot. This is the promise made by the start-up SwissShrimp. Forrest Gump would have been delighted.

Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba planned to buy a boat and enter the shrimp business. Precisely that is what Rafael Waber, Managing Director of the start-up SwissShrimp, is now doing. He does not need any boats to do so. He uses the Swiss salt works in Aargau’s Rheinfelden. On the one hand, he procures the salt there and makes his own seawater. And, on the other hand, he uses the waste heat of the salt works to ensure the wellbeing water temperature of 28 degrees for his farmed shrimps. Urs Hofmeier, Managing Director of Schweizer Salinen, is delighted about the exciting collaboration.

The decision of the jury
The jury praises the comprehensive business idea, in which heat and salt are procured on site and long transportation routes and deep-freezing are not necessary thanks to local production.