Tapping new potentials with white photovoltaic modules

Sébastien Eberhard, Grégory Bugnon

Photovoltaic modules often appear alien on buildings. With a new kind of coating, they can be produced in the needs-based colors that can be optically integrated.

The start-up from Neuchatel uses patents of the Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) for a nanotechnology coating which allows producing PV modules in any colors. The cells and connections, today typical for PV modules, become invisible, the surfaces homogeneous. In particular white PV modules constitute a major breakthrough, because they tap huge potential as regards additional surface areas for solar power. Entire facades can in the future be fitted with photovoltaics with the benefit of substituting huge quantities of CO2 with renewable energies.

The decision of the jury
The jury honors the fact that the new coating significantly broadens the area of application for PV modules. By using PV modules on clearly visible facades, it switches from an addition to a construction material, with huge potential for cutting CO2 emissions.