Zurich Climate Prize 2013

The special prize Housing for the Kalkbreite cooperative, Zurich

Economical: «The Kalkbreite – a new urban district»

By 2014, a whole new quarter is to be created above the tram depot in the Kalkbreite district. The development with 88 apartments will meet the requirements of the 2000-watt society. In the process, the Kalkbreite cooperative is using resource-efficient construction methods, renewable sources of energy, low area requirements (35m2 p/p) and a sustainable mobility concept. All resident undertake to not own a car. Various communally-used rooms help to reduced individual area requirements. The building will set new standard in terms of embodied energy, daylight, noise pollution, air quality, raw materials, production and demolition and targets sufficient utilization through minimal equipment.


The jury acknowledged the building’s low projected energy consumption and the additional sustainability aspects. The city of Zurich is dedicated to becoming a 2000-watt society. The construction of the Kalkbreite development is a concrete example of how this goal can be implemented. The development is therefore sending out an important message.