Zurich Climate Prize 2013

Special prize Consumption for Ökozentrum Langenbruck

In the thick of it: «konsumGLOBAL– a different kind of guided tour»

KonsumGLOBAL is a special guided tour by and for young people. Using specific examples, it shows participants the global consequences of the everyday consumption. The konsumGLOBAL guided tour addresses the entire lifecycle of consumer goods, including the «embodied energy» required for production and the resources consumed. Besides illustrating various environmental aspects, the guided tour also addresses different sustainability considerations applicable when choosing jeans, a mobile phone, chocolate or a piece of meat. The guided tour focuses on the young people’s everyday consumer behavior as it takes place «at eye level» and «in the thick of it», so to speak.


The jury praised the clear focus on raising young people’s awareness and highlights the project’s innovative peer-to-peer approach. In the jury’s estimation, the project displays considerable potential for development.