Zurich Climate Prize 2013

1st prize for SV Group, Dübendorf

Major widespread impact: «ONE TWO WE»

Together with suppliers, customers and guests, SV Service hopes to reduce its carbon footprint with the ONE TWO WE program. The main goals are: Fewer goods transported by air, fewer products produced in greenhouses heated using fossil fuels, less meat, lower energy consumption and less waste. To achieve this, the SV Group and its main partner WWF Switzerland jointly defined measureable categories in the four environmental areas of supply, procurement, operation and logistics. The program is flexible and is tailored to the restaurants concerned. Food production has a major impact on the environment – and for many the staff restaurant are the most important place to eat.


The jury praised the ONE TWO WE project because it takes a holistic approach and achieves a major widespread impact. In particular, the jury acknowledged that the focus on food and large-scale catering raised public awareness for an area that has hitherto aroused little attention yet holds huge reduction potential.