Zurich Climate Prize 2010/11

Romandie market area

Awards ceremony 15 November 2011


1st place

Commune de Cernier und Planair SA - La Sagne, NE
For their joint project Solution – L’indépendance énergétique de communes. The aim is to source the energy required for Cernier from water, wind, sun and other renewable and sustainable power carriers in the future.

2nd place

Serbeco SA - Satigny, GE
For its waste storage hall made from recycled concrete and wood from the region. More than 1,000 square metres of solar panels are integrated in the new roof construction.

3rd place

RedElec Technologie SA - Riddes, VS
for the development of an innovative procedure to dye jeans in a more environmentally friendly way without chemical substances. The mild procedure means that no salt gets into the waste water.

Special prize

Coop - Porrentruy, JU
For the complete lighting of the new branch in Porrentruy with LED. This reduces power consumption by up to 50%. Heat and UV radiation no long exist, which means that the goods under the light stay fresh longer.

Special prize

Grove Boats SA - Yvonand, VD
For the development, production and sale of innovative boats with solar and hybrid drives for passenger transport.