Zurich Climate Prize 2010/11

East market area

Awards ceremony 29 March 2011


1st place

Verein Energietal Toggenburg - Ebnat-Kappel, SG
For the started implementation of the vision of a self-sufficient valley on a broad social basis with its own energy production from bio, wood, solar, wind and water power.

2nd place

Stadtwerk Winterthur - Winterthur, ZH
For the exemplary use of the existing drinking water inlet for power generation.

3rd place

DeepGreen Datacenter AG - Näfels, GL
for the most state-of-the-art planned data centre in Switzerland. The 210,000 servers use the deep water of the Walensee lake for cooling, the complex production of cooling energy is no longer necessary.

Special prize

Solarzentrum Ostschweiz - Frauenfeld, TG
For the Frauenfeld Energy City project. The aim is to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions by 15% by 2020.

Special prize

Eawag - Dübendorf, ZH
For the Manure from Waste Water project. Nitrogen is won from waste water for fertilising and at the same time the nitrogen input into bodies of water reduced.