Zurich Climate Prize 2010/11

Central market area

Awards ceremony 28 April 2011


1st place

energieregionGOMS - Münster-Geschinen, VS
For the extraordinary commitment of the alpine region to generating the energy required locally and decentrally with water, wind, sun and other sustainable energy carriers.

2nd place

Coop Cooperative - Bern, BE
For its innovative head-cold network Berne. Thanks to the network, the Coop distribution centre delivers surplus cold to the new data centre, while the waste heat of the data centre is used in the distribution centre for heating purposes.

3rd place

Frutigen Tropical Centre - Frutigen, BE
For the innovative use of the hot waste water from the Lötschberg base tunnel for the sustainable breeding of heat-loving fish and the production of tropical fruits. Furthermore, the expensive and energy-intensive cooling of the tunnel water, which cannot be channelled into natural rivers in this form, is no longer necessary.

Special prize

Umwelt Arena, W. Schmid AG - Spreitenbach, AG
For the creation of a centre of excellence for ecology and sustainability that is unique throughout Switzerland. Umwelt Arena brings together the interests of developers, manufacturers and consumers under one roof and raises awareness amongst companies and private individuals for a responsible handling of resources.